Supplemental Materials

1)  Washington State University, Small Winery Investment and Operating Costs Extension Bulletin By Le Ann A. Fickle, Raymond J. Folwell, Trent Ball, and Carter Clary

Please note that there are major differences.   For one, they have the salaries all incorrect.  Grape prices are far lower than would be available to us.  Another, they are using a mobile bottling line rather than acquiring a dedicated bottling line.  Another, they finance a considerable amount, including investment costs of establishing a physical facility.  My proposal minimizes this to minimize start-up costs and allow production to proceed quickly and immediately.  Consequently, we have a lease instead of debt service.  However, costs are still very similar.  This paper was written in the early 2000s, when many things cost less than they do now.

2)  Some writeups from the past:



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