A Little about Lolonis Winery

Lolonis is not the best equipped winery, but it has a lot of usable equipment, and offers a lot of flexibility.  We will need to fix, rent or purchase a press, and no doubt will need to purchase hoses and fittings.  The main things it will require in the short term aside from a working press are a tangential-flow filter and a bottling line.  These are high-ticket items, but can be had on the used market for less than new. 

"Equipment on hand

Santa Rosa Stainless tanks;

7 ea. @ 7525 gallon capacity

4 ea. @ 4630 gallon capacity

2 ea. @ 3748 gallon capacity

1 ea. @ 3279 gallon capacity

4 ea. @ 2538 gallon capacity

2 ea. @ 1595 gallon capacity

1 ea. @ 1477 gallon capacity

2 ea. Waukesha pumps with hoses and fittings

Liquid propane fueled water heater

Hotsey mobile water heater 

Macro bin hopper

Macro bin destemmer

Must pump

Wine filter

Non functioning wine press 

Glycol refrigeration system

We have a forklift and bin dumper. Not sure what condition the dumper is in.

Pictures to follow!

We are asking for a lease rate of $5,500.00 per month with all the equipment operating with the exception of the wine press.

The building also includes a small lab and ADA approved bathroom."

Craig Winchell, Tel:  (707) 494-7095  Email:  ganedenwines@gmail.com