GAN EDEN Chardonnay


GAN EDEN's nonvintage Chardonnay is made in a style currently in great favor in California, with distinguishable residual sugar even though it would still be characterized as "dry". This natural sugar lends a richness, both in fruit character and mouth feel. Coupled with its lower acidity than one normally finds in GAN EDEN's Chardonnays, this wine will be well thought of by both the occasional or unsophisticated wine drinker and the more sophisticated consumer wishing for a wine to complement, rather than foil, extremely rich or oily fish, and it goes quite well with poultry.

This is a blend of vintages. the grapes were sourced primarily in Sonoma County and Monterey County. This blend is better than either of the wines from which it was produced, prior to their blending. It has a roundness, rich fruit, full body, and enough acid to balance. This wine received light oaking with medium toasted French and American oak.


Winemaker's Comments

This nonvintage Chardonnay represents quite a departure for GAN EDEN. Typically, I have produced a style of Chardonnay which I particularly enjoy, with high fruit and high acidity, and my Chards have often been criticized for their (what I consider balanced) acidity. However, bowing to the pressures of the modern marketplace, I introduced this wine as a marketing "experiment", and it has surpassed the expectations of my family. The several medals won since release indicate widespread support for this stylistic approach to Chardonnay, and many will find this wine appealing. It is a legitimate style, after all, which has found many adherents. However, if I must drink a Chardonnay, I'll go on drinking the style that I like-- lean, clean, with high acidity (such as the GAN EDEN cuvee "C'est Bouilli!". After all, I drink red wine with my poultry, and like a wine which will cut through the oily character of deep-water fish. But for those who enjoy white wine with poultry, this would be an excellent wine to serve, especially if prepared in a rich creamy sauce.


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