GAN EDEN cuvee "C'est Bouilli!"


Our cuvee "C'est Bouilli!" is our first mevushal (thermally processed) Chardonnay. It was flash pasteurized to a minimum of 185 degrees Fahrenheit, which satisfies the requirements of most rabbis certifying restaurants and catering, and is certified "Mevushal" by the OU. But don't be scared off by this certification, because this is one of the best Chardonnays I have ever produced.This wine is a blend of several vintages, each contributing distinctive attributes, with the blend exhibiting an extraordinary synergy. Unlike many mevushal wines, which are often treated prior to fermentation, this wine was thermally processed after blending and prior to oak aging, the majority of which was French oak of relatively heavy toast level. The time in oak served to meld the flavors of the individual wines into a harmonious whole. This wine was created specifically to acquire a presence for the GAN EDEN brand in the finer kosher restaurants and catering establishments in New York, but it is a fine wine for home use as well.

While the GAN EDEN cuvee "C'est Bouilli!" is labeled simply "California", it consists almost entirely of Sonoma County and Monterey County grapes (These regions are known for the outstanding quality of their Chardonnay grapes). The grapes were harvested at an average maturity of 23.5 degrees Brix, and fermented entirely in stainless steel tanks for maximum control over the fermentations. Extended lees contact was given to approximately half of the total wine. Careful performance of the post-fermentation flash pasteurization has indicated no deleterious effects to the sensory qualities of the wine.

This wine is medium bodied and somewhat complex, with bright fruit flavors and aromas. Retaining significantly greater acidity than the vast majority of Chardonnays in the marketplace, it complements a broad spectrum of foods, though it is lovely with fish. Norm Roby, in his review in the New York Times Wine on the Web, gave it a high 3 1/2 Star rating, and a "Good Value" recommendation. GAN EDEN's cuvee "C'est Bouilli!" has won several medals since it was released (4 this year), but its value to the world is that of a very high quality, relatively inexpensive food wine, rather than a "connoisseur" wine styled for competitions.

Winemaker's Comments

What do you do with Chardonnay? This wine can do it all, performing admirably as an aperitif, a complement to fish, or a foil for poultry. Its mevushal status is indispensible in restaurants and catering, and its affordability increases its value in such endeavors.

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