GAN EDEN 1996 Black Muscat


The 1996 GAN EDEN Black Muscat is a unique wine, produced entirely from Black Muscat grapes grown in Don Gallagher's vineyards in Manteca, California. In all of California, only 63 acres of this grape are cultivated. Gallagher represents one of the largest growers of this varietal in the state. Our wine differs from the few other Black Muscats produced in California in that it is not brandy fortified, but instead was fermented at cold temperature and the fermentation was stopped using chilling and filtration.

Our Black Muscat is a late harvest wine. Our winemaker, Craig Winchell, had the grapes harvested at 26 brix, and the wine was fermented to around 12% alcohol and around 5% residual sugar. This wine retains all of the floral and spicy aromas characteristic of muscat grapes, while exhibiting the cherry and berry aromas and flavors found in red wines in general. This was a very difficult wine to produce, and we are quite pleased with the results. Our Black Muscat was just released, yet has won 8 medals so far, including two Golds. In general, our Black Muscat wines seem to be favorites of numerous consumers. They certainly seem to be our most talked about wines.

GAN EDEN was established in the spring of 1985 in the Green Valley viticultural district of Sonoma County. Our first attempt to produce a late harvested red wine, the'92 Black Muscat, took 10 medals in 1993, and was still winning in 1994. The 1993 won an extraordinary 16 medals in 1994, as well as receiving a Gold in the Dallas Morning News competition in 1995. The 1994, too, received an amazing number of medals, including golds. The 1995 vintage was similar, but far less sweet (due to harvest conditions) and garnered fewer medals.

Winemaker's Comments

This wine has a beautiful light red color, with rose petal and cherry aromas and spicy cherry, strawberry and raspberry flavors. Our GAN EDEN 1996 Black Muscat is delicious by itself, or complementing a wide spectrum of desserts. It is especially good with dark chocolate.

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