GAN EDEN 2000 Chardonnay


GAN EDEN's 2000 Chardonnay was bottled in late February and was just released March 2, while in the middle of bottle shock. It typically takes a month to a month and a half to recover from bottling, and the wine is still suffering. However, we expect it to be drinking perfectly by mid-April, when it will be available in most of our markets.

We would describe this wine as fresh and fruity. Its high acidity and low pH bode well for future development in bottle, while contributing a freshness to the wine. The grapes for our 2000 Chardonnay were purchased from Gold Hill Vineyard in Placerville, just barely more than stone's throw from Sutter's Mill, where gold was first discovered in the mid-1800s. These days, there's a different gold in those hills, as the wines from that area, including those produced at Gold Hill, have won quite a few medals, and we hope to snag some gold ourselves with this wine.

The grapes came in at 23.5 degrees brix, and were fermented in Stainless steel using indigenous yeasts prior to seeing new French oak in a variety of toast levels, but predominently medium-heavy. It was in oak several months prior to being finished for bottling. In order to preserve its freshness, this wine was not fined in any manner, which differs from previous vintages, which were fined with bentonite for heat stability. This wine is full bodied and once it is over bottle shock, we expect it to be complex, with bright fruit flavors and aromas. together with earthy and toasty oak nuances.The pH of this wine is probably lower than any previous Chardonnay we have produced. Like our other Chardonnays, we expect it to continue to represent a wine most complementary to fish, but its full body also makes it a better accompaniment to poultry than any previous Chardonnay we have produced, with the possible exception of the 1993 Chardonnay Reserve. We expected it to do well in competition, but as yet has garnered only a Silver in the Tasters Guild International Wine Competition.

Winemaker's Comments

This is an excellent accompaniment to both fish and poultry. It's low pH and high acidity are typically complementary to fish, while the fruitiness and body of wines such as this tend to accentuate poultry. It was really designed from the start to complement fish in relatively straightforward treatments. "Refreshing" is a word I'd use to describe this wine, and to that end, it wouldn't mind being served at any temperature from "cellar temperature" to "ice cold".

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